Feb 10 , 2019

The Evolution of Self

The surface of art is a blessing to the audience, but often a curse to the artist. I can't say that I have had as much control over being who I am today, as I do trying not to be who I am. I was you typical poster child of abuse, negligence, a bullying target. I used to wonder what was wrong with me, assuming that some type of malfunction was readable on my face. No matter what grade, nor who I lived with I would always run into the world to be treated like an outcast. I remember days where I'd go to school, and people would avoid touching me accidentally on the line, and putting my head down for hours not speaking in hopes to be invisible. I wasn't like everyone else, and I'm still not. As a kid, you figure it must be a problem to be different and to not fit in. When you have negative experiences or become a target of mistreatment at home and in school, you just figure life is meaningless. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Coming through years of dark places, you learn that it's not change you need, it's evolution. I was becoming something in the world that isn't often seen, something that people aren't open enough to understand. I was absorbing the lesser of the world and that one day I would take these experiences to teach beauty to a classroom of pain. Once I stopped pretending to be like everybody else, I was able to find myself. While the world may turn cold against you for not being like everybody else, enigma inside of me made me capable of seeing and doing things in this world that the cliques of average people couldn't even imagine.  

Positive Ink is a reminder that makes more sense to stand alone with the support of your imagination than to suppress your vision to submit to the popular vote. For the most part, until the world is ready to rest in their own discomfort, there will always be people like me destined to be misunderstood--and that's okay. Sounds crazy but where would the world be without the odd few weirdo trends setters? Whether you are an artist like me, an architect, a doctor, a teacher, or a student, your approach to life comes with a specific and unmatched craftsmanship that is just waiting to be unlocked. Positive Ink tells us that there is beauty in the struggle we go through to tap into our individual potential. Instead of trying to make us feel like we have to be the exact same, the brand encourages us to unlock ourselves by connecting through a more fair and simple criteria: Love. 

Robert S. Holland

R. Holland Choreography 

Choreographer | Author

Imaginary Drugs (2016)